– The Sonic Survey – Free Drink and Ice Cream – The American fast-food drive-in chain Sonic drive-in offers a customer satisfaction survey on their website in order to learn more about the needs and wants of their customer base. - The Sonic Survey - Free Drink and Ice Cream – Free Drink and Ice Cream

The survey also comes with rewards that can be availed on the next Sonic Drive-in purchases. Here are all the details of the Sonic Drive-in customer satisfaction survey.

How To Take The Sonic Survey?

In order to take the Sonic Drive-in survey, the customer is first required to keep in hand a receipt of purchase from any Sonic store that is a maximum of 14 days old.

After that, go to the page. Over there, you will be asked to choose the language for the survey. Make a choice.

Then you will be asked to enter the code given at the bottom of the receipt of purchase. After you enter that, you will be led to the main survey questions.

The questions are mostly about your experience at the Sonic drive-ins with their food, service, menu, and more.

After you have answered those questions as close to reality as possible, you will be asked for a few additional personal contact details.

After you enter those personal contact details, the page will generate a coupon code. Note that the coupon code is down and use it at your next purchase or visit to any Sonic Drive-in.

This is the process of taking the Sonic customer satisfaction survey. - The Sonic Survey - Free Drink and Ice Cream

Rewards of The Sonic Survey

The rewards on the Sonic Survey range from free juice coupons to free meals and more depending on the code given at the end of the survey.

Terms & Conditions of The Sonic Survey

The respondents of the Sonic Drive-in survey need to be a minimum of 18 years of age in order to sit for the survey questionnaire.

The respondent is also required to be a legal resident of the United States of America in order to be a qualifying respondent for the Sonic drive-in customer satisfaction survey.

One must also make sure that the receipt they are using to access the survey is from a receipt that is a maximum of 14 days old for the code to be valid for the survey.

The reward code received at the end of the survey needs to be used within 30 days of it being generated, after which the code will become invalid for use.

One must also note that the rewards are not transferable and need to be received according to the coupon code given on the receipt as assigned by Sonic Drive-in.

The respondents also cannot be any employees or connected investors, sponsors, advertisers officers, etc of Sonic Drive-in or even the relatives of such people connected to Sonic Drive-in.

The receipt code can be used only once per receipt in order to be able to take the Sonic Drive-in survey.

These are the basic terms and conditions that one needs to be mindful of before taking the Sonic Drive-in customer satisfaction survey.


Requirements To Take This Survey

First of all, the respondents of the survey must make sure that they comply with the age and location terms stated above for the Sonic Drive-in survey.

The survey respondent must have a receipt from the Sonic Drive-in store that is at most 14 days old to take the survey.

The survey taker must also have an electronic medium such as a phone, pc, or laptop in order to access the survey page.

Those devices must also have an active internet connection for obvious reasons. The survey taker must also have a knowledge of either English or.

the Spanish language to understand the content of the survey questionnaire. The survey respondent must also provide a valid email id to be able to get the rewards.

These are the basic requirements for the Sonic drive-in survey.

About Sonic Survey

Sonic Drive-in is an American fast-food drive-in company. The company was founded in the year 1953 by Troy Smith under the name of Top-Hat drive-In.

Today the fast-food chain is located in 3549 stores and counting as of the year 2022 all over the United States of America.


The reputed fast-food chain Sonic Drive-in offers a customer satisfaction guide in order to be able to maintain their service and to keep their regular customers happy with their food and service.

The survey also keeps the customers interested with the survey rewards, driving customers to visit Sonic Drive-in shops more.


Sonic Survey FAQs

  • Is there any sweepstake prize?

Answer – No, only the coupon rewards are available. Anyone who takes the survey can avail of the reward codes.

  • How many times can I take the survey?

Answer – You can take the survey once per receipt.

  • Can the survey be only taken online?

Answer – Yes, the survey is available online only.


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