Shell Reward Card – Rewards Survey – In the current times managing your expenses is of utmost importance. One such routine expense to be managed is fuel expenses.

Shell Reward Card - Rewards Survey – Shell Reward Card

But what if you get certain offers every time to make some expense for fuel? Exciting! Right.

Yes the Shell Fuel company is allowing its customers to get various discounts and rewards each time they visit

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Any of its stores or its partnered store. Are you the one who still feels a lack of knowledge about these rewards then don’t worry you are on the right page?

In this article, we will learn about what rewards you can get and also the eligible purchases. If you want to have knowledge of it do read this article till the end.

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Royal Dutch Shell commonly known as Shell is an Anglo-Dutch multinational oil and gas company. The company has its headquarters at The Hague,

The Netherlands, and is incorporated in the United Kingdom. It has been in Oil and Gas industry for almost a decade now. It has a huge customer base and serves Worldwide.

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It has various subsidiaries and also multiple divisions. With its huge family of 86000 employees, it tries to best satisfy its customers.

Its main products are LNG, Lubricants, Natural gas, Petrochemicals, and Petroleum.

Shell Reward Card - Rewards Survey Rewards

Shell Company has taken this new initiative of Fuel Rewards Program. You can access this program online.

Once you have applied for the card you need not wait for its arrival to avail of the services.

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There are two types of cards but you do not get to choose the option. You can apply then later you will know which card you will get. It will either be a credit card or MasterCard.

You will be rewarded with credit scores and reports. Let’s see how these cards work. You apply for the card.

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Later on your all purchases at Shell gas station, you need to swipe your card and you can save a few cents on each dollar paid.

You get a discount on various types of purchases which are subtracted from the gas price next time you fill-up.

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You can know your discount amount by multiplying the discount by the number of gallons purchased.

In simple words, your discounts are applied when you fill up at shell gas station. When you swipe your Shell card or enter an.

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Alt ID into the keypad at the pump, Shell adds up all the discounts you have.

Earned and subtracts them from the cost of the gas, up to 20 gallons. You can use any card for payment, as Shell does not restrict the payment options.

Shell Reward Card - Rewards Survey
May 24, 2020 Cupertino / CA / USA – Shell gas station located in San Francisco bay area; Royal Dutch Shell PLC, commonly known as Shell, is a British-Dutch oil and gas company

Rewards at rewards:

  • 10% shell rebate on the first $1200 acquisitions made with the card at the shell locations in the US each year.
  • If you have MasterCard then 1% cashback on other qualifying acquisitions made at the authorized station.
  • The silver status gets 3 cents per gallon discount at the Shell station.
  • The Gold status get 5 cents per gallon discount at the shell station
  • Also depending on your purchases you can be rewarded with Gold+ status and enjoy various discounts,

The good news is that the new members automatically get the Gold status. This card doesn’t charge an annual fee and thus is double beneficial. gas rewards

Also, the rewards have no limitations i.e. it gives you all the discounts up to your bill amount.



This was an article about the Shell reward-son your fuel purchases. Shell has mastered these cards as it gives discounts on purchases made at competitive gas stations also.

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So swipe your card, get the discount and save a lot to have the free fuel road trips. Hope this article was useful to you to gain knowledge of the Thank you for reading!

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